Fondazione Formit

FORMIT is a Non-profit Corporate Body recognized by the Italian Minister for Research, established in 1985 and with consultative status granted in 2004 by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. FORMIT supports among others National and Local Public Administrations, European and international institutions. Since more than 30 years FORMIT operates through its approaches, methodologies and tools with a qualified multidisciplinary team with technical, legal and economic competencies based in Rome, Naples and Brussels.

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ARPIC - Romanian Association for Critical Infrastructures and Services Protection

The Romanian Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Related Services - ARPIC is a non-governamental with non patrimonial status, autonomous and apolitical organization and was founded in 2011. The aim of association is to bring together specialists from different fields, so as to contribute to the understanding and harmonization of specific norms and operating procedures for the protection of critical infrastructures and related services, in Romania, as well as at regional, European and international levels. The above-mentioned purpose will be achieved through the members’ joint effort and will consist in:

  • developing and organizing educational programs, training, consultancy, security research and development, in the field of safety, the security of citizens and local communities, civil emergency, national and European critical infrastructure protection;
  • training for experts, managers and security liaison officers as well as for consolidating a security culture for preparing the population for emergency situations, industrial accidents, environmental catastrophes, men made or natural disasters and other crisis situations, risk and vulnerabilities, mentioned by EU and national legal documents in force;
  • promoting logistics resources necessary for training / educational processes, as well as for specific exercises and in response to the above mentioned situations, as required by EU legislation and according to national and international standards.

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CCI - Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI) is the largest non-profit and independent organization worldwide in promoting industrial cybersecurity. Based in Spain (Madrid), it is a meeting point for information and experiences sharing for private and public companies, with a high representation of end-users, industrial organizations and critical infrastructures (energy, chemical, water, manufacturing, etc…). It counts with more than 1.000 members, from more than 30 countries. CCI mission is to improve industrial cybersecurity by developing analysis, studies and information exchange about practices, processes and technologies designed to manage the cyberspace's risk derived from the use of process, storage, and transmission.

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Centre for European Security Strategies (CESS)

The Centre for European Security Strategies (CESS) supports public, private and multinational decision-makers with the development of scenarios and expertise to meet strategic threats. Using flexible expert and partner networks, CESS compiles answers to the strategic questions of its clients at the interfaces between the vulnerability of central functional areas and a growing risk exposure. In a holistic approach CESS provides the development of scenarios, concepts, capabilities and structures for governments and enterprises to gain strategic capacity to act. CESS is a partnership under the German civil code and will be a limited company as of 2009 with an international network of reputable enterprises, institutions and experts.

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S21sec, a leading company specialised in cybersecurity, was founded in 2000 and has since relied on a team of more than 200 certified experts. Research and development has long been a priority in S21sec strategy, ever since its establishment. This mind-set led to the creation of Europe’s first research, development and innovation centre specialised in the field of cybersecurity. S21sec works with nearly 90% financial entities and with 26 large companies listed in the IBEX 35. With offices in the UK, Spain, Portugal and in Mexico, S21sec offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions around the world, 24 hours a day.

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AIIC - Associazione Italiana esperti in Infrastrutture Critiche

The non-​profit scientific association AIIC (Italian Association of Experts on Critical Infrastructures) was established to create and sustain an interdisciplinary culture dedicated to the development of strategies, methodologies and technologies able to adequately govern critical infrastructures, especially in crisis scenarios resultng from both natural catastrophes or anthropic malicious behavior. AIIC represents in Italy a focal point for all CI(I)P expertise and a valid entry point to these expertise for the rest of the world. The AIIC aims at exchanging experiences and knowledge related to critical infrastructures to create an interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral shared approach among experts of different fields. To this purpose it affiliates academics, researchers, and experts of the different critical infrastructures.

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